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Joanna Priestley


Joanna Priestley has directed, produced and animated 31 award winning films, including abstract feature, North of Blue (2018), and an iOS app (Clam Bake). Her work maintains a high level of porosity between serious exploration of boundaries and intuitive whimsy and she is dedicated to experimentation in technique, theme and content.

Seth Norman


seth_normanSeth Norman’s obsession with music took him from playing drums and DJing in the rainy Portland, OR, to studying music synthesis at Berklee College of Music. With his friends in the production group Triage, he toured internationally and released music on some of the biggest dubstep and drum ‘n bass labels in the industry. Now he is a Spectrasonics artisan in Los Angeles. Seth and Joanna have collaborated on Fleeting Marvels (2021), Bottle Neck (2015), Split Ends (2013), Dear Pluto (2012), Clam Bake (iOS app, 2012) and Eye Liner (2011).

Chris Barber

Sound Designer and Sound Effects

team_chris-e1492726289199In addition to working as a location scout and manager in the thriving Portland, OR film scene, Chris Barber has worked on a variety of short films, commercials, and features as a sound designer/editor. His favorite assignments are those that allow him to draw from his experience as a classical percussionist. Barber also did the sound effects for Priestley’s North of Blue (feature, 2018) and sound design and sound effects for Choking Hazard (2011).

Brian Kinkley

Compositing, Effects Artist and Title Design

Brian Kinkley: Jung & Restless compositor, effects artist and title designer.Brian Kinkley is a freelance motion graphics designer, animator and compositing artist currently working for Google. He was a director, animator and compositor at Bent Image Lab (2005 – 2011), motion graphics artist, designer and animator at Sandymontana (2010 – 2011) and assistant editor and post production supervisor at Vermilion Pictures (2004 – 2019). Brian has worked on all of Joanna’s films since 2009, including the compositing, paint effects and title for North of Blue (feature, 2018) and the text animation for Missed Aches (2019). 


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