Covid-19 + Jung & Restless

Most commercial and indie animation projects have continued production during the pandemic because so many people can work at home. My husband, Paul Harrod, is the production designer on Henry Sellick’s new stop motion feature, Wendell and Wild. Paul and his team have worked a regular schedule since home quarantine started here on March 14, 2020. I have been doing animation experiments and hope they will coalesce into a film. We are trying to make the best of this predicament.

Priestley Quarantine Cocktail Party Invitations
Joanna’s 2020 Quarantine Cocktail Party Invitations. Bottom two illustrations are by Jim Flora (1914-1988). He did wonderful album covers for RCA Victor and Columbia Records in the 1940s and 1950s. Top right illustration is from one of my parents party invitations.

We have hosted a small Quarantine Cocktail Party every month of the pandemic. It has been lovely to check in with a few dear friends. Boy howdy, how I miss them. I especially miss my 97 year old mother-in law, who is handling the crisis with grace and aplomb. We are all anxious for the arrival of the Covid-19 vaccine so we can be close to our families and friends again. Wishing you the best.

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